Three-Wheeled Trike Polaris Slingshot! EXTRAORDINARY! IS IT a CAR or BIKE?

Due to the unusual combination of technical features you can mix it in any known category of vehicles. Namely, it is not a motorcycle, nor sports car. However, in any event attracts huge attention wherever they appear.

In August, the American workshop Polaris, known for set sleigh – scooters on three skis and water scooters, unveiled its latest, free to say, unusual “child” on three wheels. This famous “slingshot” a few months ago had its world premiere performance of 2015 model.

The new edition is really modernized and constructors confirmed the inspiration for constructing the model in the famous cars on three wheels of the legendary workshop of Great Britain – Morgan. This is a company known for classic sports cars, on three and four wheels.

But, unlike the model of Morgan, this Polaris has an external character that has nothing to do with the past, but, on the contrary, with the future design of road mobility. The designers saw it only as a vehicle of the near future, but its features confirm this.

So the Slingshot weighs only 1740 pounds, which is an excellent figure considering that it is driven by a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.4-liter, DOHC-ECOTEC, the production of the US automotive giant – General Motors.



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  1. Mike

    Steering wheel and floor shift? It’s a car

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