Tim Slone Breaking 200 MPH DRIVING On Fire! TRUE MAASTER of Driving!

It is more than clear that when Tim Slone is inside turbocharged LS powered Saturn Ion and he is pushing over 200 mph. on the track at the Ohio Mile, either a record will be broken or the whole vehicle is about to transform into a big fire ball.

Tim Slone on fire

Even though Saturn is not known for being very cool and impressive, when it has a turbocharged, V8, RWD engine and is trying to get into a ECTA’s 200 MPH Club, we are more than keen to watch it happening. And that is what we did last weekend when Tim Slone tried to enter the club.

For those of you who do not follow racing events like this on regular basis, at ECTA standing-mile competition there is only one car that runs the track, elapses time is not being measured and the clocking happens when the driver passes through timing lights on the finish.


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