Top 7 Tips for Cheaper Luxury Car Rentals

Heading out to new locations or traveling for vacation is a great time for you to enjoy yourself. But before you get to relax and have fun seeing the sights or enjoying the activities of the town you are in, you have to deal with the headache of touching down and getting a rental to travel.


To save yourself from this trouble, you should try to schedule or plan out how you will go about getting a rental before you even depart for vacation. You may find yourself asking how you can get the best deal on a luxury rental car, well here are 10 tips for just that!


Try Lesser-Known Renters

When you’re a big-name company for rental cars, you can offer a price because everyone thinks you are the only place you can go to get a rental vehicle. An unknown fact to many, many other less-known dealerships will give you a rental for far cheaper than the more well-known rental locations.


If you try to find these locations, you will easily find cheaper rentals than at your suggested, name brand locations that are known for rentals in general. Some of these places could be local locations or nationwide small-time rental locations.


Reserve Slightly Less Than Needed

If you shoot for a vehicle that is always taken, there is a likelihood that it won’t be there when you arrive to pick up your rental. While this may seem like a horrible idea, as now you won’t have a rental, it is a great idea because they will have to offer you an upgrade for free or at a discount.


While it can be a dangerous play, it can help you in getting a cheaper vehicle at a discount by requesting a car that is always taken. Just be ready to accept the consequence of your actions if they happen to have the requested vehicle at the time of arrival.


See If You Can Use Your Insurance

Most rental locations require you to have some sort of insurance on your vehicle when you are driving it off the lot. And most will offer their insurance plans so you can ‘easily’ buy it from them as part of their plan for them to earn more income from you.


While it may seem easy and as if they are trying to help you, they are upselling you so they can help themselves at the end of the day. You don’t need their insurance if you have your insurance, as many insurance policies and companies offer protection for rental vehicles as well as personally-owned ones.


Look For Membership Deals

If you have a membership card or partnership at certain companies like Costco, Sam’s Club, or other locations that require a monthly or annual paid membership, you may have hidden benefits for renting vehicles or gas that you never knew about.


Check with your membership plans and see if they offer you any bonuses, you may get some free extra milages, be able to add another driver for free, or have waived fees that will allow you to have some kind of discount when renting your next vehicle!


Don’t Rent At The Airport

This should be a simple one, but stay away from renting at the airport if you want to rent for cheaper! Airports are a prime location to milk people of their money because they have just arrived, have no plans, want to travel, and don’t know what to do next. Thus, an airport is a dangerous place to rent vehicles.


The danger comes in the likelihood that if you have no plans you will jump at the opportunity to rent a vehicle so you can quickly get on the road and off to your journeys. Instead, look for a rental location away from the airport that will offer you a better deal for cheaper.


Look For Rentals That Don’t Care About Age

Most rental places will charge you an extra fee if you are under a certain age, as you are more likely to damage the vehicle or get into an accident thanks to your age group. While it is slightly discriminating, it is also a statistic and thus rental locations follow it and abide by it.


To get a cheaper deal if you are getting hit by that age limit, look for renters that do not care about your age and just want to offer you a vehicle at the best price. These would be your lesser-known renters, and more than likely found online or through apps.


Don’t Get Drawn To Extras

Extras can go a long way if you want to add some child seats, tire protection, triple-A assistance, or what have you. But with all these extras comes the additional cost that can skyrocket your price of renting a vehicle when all the company wants to do what upsell you.


Before you start adding all these extra unnecessary additions to your rental, think if you need them or if they are just a random luxury offered that you could find or use cheaper elsewhere. Do you need a whole GPS unit added in your vehicle when you have your phone’s GPS that could do it just as well?


Getting the Best Deal for You

Trying to get the best deal and find cheap rentals can be a difficult task, especially if you are wanting to find luxury cars for cheap. The best thing to do would always be to plan to know how, when, and where you are going to get this rental.


But if you really insist on getting a cheap luxury rental, try to use less known renters, use your insurance to cut some costs, stay away from renting at the airport, and see if you have some membership deals or discounts thanks to any membership cards you carry!


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