TOTALLY CRAZY in AUSTRALIA! This Is Not River Crossing, This Is DEEP DIVING!

Some folks just can not get enough of thrill, suspense and getting inside impossible situation! This crazy Ozzies are the living proof of that! They are doing such a dangerous deep river crossing, that it almost looks like their big and powerful 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 is about to take e deep dive and completely sink rather than crossing on the other side of the river.

We all know that amongst other things, Australians have one big passion in common with the Americans, and that is big and powerful vehicles that can handle various, almost impossible situation and take on the most difficult challenges.

That is exactly what we have here in this video clip, when small crew of Ozzie adventure seekers are trying to cross a deep river, deep enough so that it almost swallows the entire SUV. Watch the video and find out how they handle this dangerous situation. It really is something.


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