Toyota Hilux vs Volvo Truck : WORLD CLASS BATTLE on a HIGHWAY!

There is a wise saying that you should never let your road rage get the best of you. In this footage we see a road rage battle between a Toyota Hilux pickup truck and a Volvo truck on a highway in Thailand. Both of the vehicles were loaded with cargo. For some reason the driver of the Toyota Hilux would not let the driver of the Volvo truck pass, or just cut him off.

We cannot tell for sure who started it first. But in any case, the driver of the Volvo truck was very persistent in passing the Hilux and later on we see that he is really pissed off. As he managed to pass the pickup, the Volvo truck decided that it was now time for a sweet revenge. This time the Toyota Hilux wanted to reclaim its place, but the Volvo truck prevented it to pass in every way that he can. The situation came to a climax when the Volvo truck forced the Toyota to get off the highway and crash into a nearby object. I guess that will teach the owner of the Toyota to manage his anger next time he sits behind the wheel.


2 thoughts on “Toyota Hilux vs Volvo Truck : WORLD CLASS BATTLE on a HIGHWAY!

  1. David tenchavez

    this is a sign of immaturity both the drivers of the truck and pick-up . the last maneuver of the truck could had created a collision that would involve other vehicles beside them and a lot of vehicles who were following their track would be involved in a serious accident too. these two drivers should have their driver’s licenses charged with penalties , from reckless driving to say the least . Accidents happen in highways and some of them are mechanical failure , brake system related , but recklessness in a highway should never be ignored by the highway patrol or whoever governing agencies are involved.

    1. Mac

      You’re absolutely right David. I really don’t understand why people do things like this…

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