Toyota Supra Mastery! SICKEST PRO DRIFT on a Public STREET!

The Toyota Supra seems to be the perfect car for drifting and drag racing as the time has shown. It is being used more and more in the drift world because the Supra proved itself as a reliable and stable car on the track and it has no problems with hitting some walls as well. It is not hard to fix a Supra that has been bumped into a wall. And if you are a drifter you know that there will come the moment when you hit your car into the wall of the race track.

The perfect drift car should be built by these specifications. It should contain 94% metal, 4% rubber and 2% zip ties. If you manage to build your car maintaining this schedule, your car will be the best.

To make the perfect drifting and make too much smoke on the track you will need grip. If you think you can drift with your car on wet road you are wrong. Drifting is all about grip and that’s what you are getting on dry asphalt. With grip comes stability and control – that’s drifting.

This particular Toyota Supra is pumped up to the maximum as you can see in this video bellow.


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