TRANSFORMERS Are NOW A Reality! Check Out This Amazing Truck With Superb Technology!

Emerging flatbed technology adds a new dimension to transport with this truck. I’m sure Optimus Prime would be very proud…or perhaps jealous even. Maybe this is not the most practical solution when it comes to manipulation of load, since it requires additional space and time, but it is sure interesting to see how human technology evolves more and more.

The whole point with this type of trailer is that it enables to get two kinds of material in the same load and it also saves time and efforts since you have to unhitch the rear trailer to tip the main front trailer. For some people this is pretty fantastic and one of the best inventions for the haulage industry.

This is not exactly brand new technological discovery, as it is a new design. And who knows, maybe one day the Transformers would be a living reality, and not just an amazing animated TV series.

What do you think of this unique truck? See this on the video below:


4 thoughts on “TRANSFORMERS Are NOW A Reality! Check Out This Amazing Truck With Superb Technology!

  1. Terri

    Seriously, why are there so many likes? What a waste of time watching this video waiting for something cool? Okay, so you want to make something that will “dump any material” and that was the best idea you had? Now, I am not dump truck specialist but within 2 seconds of seeing what it did and reading what the intent was I came up with several other more space and cost effective ideas. Don’t claim, “Oh we are on the verge of transports” when really its nothing more than an expensive over-sized scrapper. What a waste of money and materials, and serious I don’t even care how many negative response I get.

    1. chris

      You seem to be bitching the whole time have you taken your medication on the anger issues you have?

      1. Mac ( Post author )

        It’s perfectly fine Chris. People are entitled to their own different opinion. To each his own…

  2. Mark

    Terri, that’s quite a talent you have. Congrats. The ability to calculate both the build and running costs of a modern dump truck and come up with better solutions. All in 2 seconds. Impressive. You should get a job in the industry.

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