TRC: 830whp Evo IX Combats 800whp Baltic Supra

The Baltic Supra is coming back again! This time, it is trying to outrun the screaming 830whp Evo IX. The Evo features 50+PSI, Ronnie crawford built motor, shep built transmission, and fp3794 turbo
hks 4.11 final drive.


On the other hand, the Supra has been modified by Lance @ It features factory 2JZ with only head studs, Titan 272 cams (with factory valvetrain), Borg Warner S375, Boost Logic 4″ Exhaust, AEM EMS v2, e-85 fuel, 1200cc Injectors, Twin Walbro 450, Titan headbolts, Titan factory Auto Trans and Titan 3500 converter.

Enjoy the video!


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