Turbocharged MONSTER Diesel John Deere Gator DOING DONUTS and DIGGING the Ground!

Here we have a unique 2004 John Deere Gator HPX with the 21 HP Yanmar diesel engine. In 2008 the proud owner of this vehicle decided to boost up the power of the tractor and installed a turbocharger on it. Now the Gator is capable of making 35-40 horsepower with 5-7 psi boost coming from the turbocharger on this green mean machine. The owner says that the Gator feels like a small sportscar instead of a tractor which is very cool.

However, he doesn’t use it for racing but for some wild off-road fun. You can see that quite clearly on the video below. With all those crazy wheelies and digging the ground I bet the owner has to clean the wheels of the Gator a lot.

This is not the only vehicle of this kind that this man installed a turbocharger on it. Back in 2003 he also turbocharged a Grasshopper lawn mover which is powered by a Kubota engine with output of 21 hp. After the owner improved it the lawn mover was capable of producing 30-32 hp. I wonder what comes next on the list with projects of this creative man? 🙂


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