ULTIMATE DEMONIC TRACTOR vs Sports Car – Who Does Better?

In this Dutch TV commercial ‘Krassen Krassen Kassaaa!!!’ made by the scratch lottery company Krasloten back in 2011 we see what scratchcards can deliver you immediately. And why it is so much fun to scratch.

In it we see a farmer parking his tractor in front of a store, while behind him there is a young teenager in a sportscar who is all cocky with his expensive ride. Inside the store, the farmer scratches a scratchcard and at the same time his tractor outside is being “customized” into an ultra demonic tractor with several huge blowers. As he starts the machine large hellish flames come out of the exhaust pipes and burn the front of the sports car.

This funny TV advertisement with nice VFX work was directed by director Yoes Benli. It was shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Zeiss Compact Primes.

The car and the tractor in this commercial were modeled for collisions, shadow casting and reflection for compositing by the Dutch CG artist Jeroen Cloosterman. Check it out!


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