ULTIMATE FUN For the BIG BOYS – Motorized Drift Trikes in action!

On the Internet you can often find commercials, where people go off to mountains with children’s tricycles and drift . The specialists of the company  SFD Industries went ahead and designed a motorized trike called Big Wheel Drift Trike, which is equipped with a 4.8 KW engine and the ability to create stunning drifting tricks, guaranteeing huge doses of adrenaline and fun. “Our trikes are characterized by particularly high ratio of the 26-inch to 3.5 inch wheels”, – says August Agner, owner of SFD Industries. – “This allows you to have additional stability. “

Two of their customers have rightly demonstrated what the trike is capable of, and the result is rather interesting. To be honest the price of this toy for big boys begins with a mark of 2000 dollars, but because of the fun, drive and courage, it is definitely worth the cost, is it not?

“I never grew up” – was published in the SFD Industries official website. Watching how much fun these guys have with their motorized trikes, the inner child in me starts to wake up! How about you? Motorized Drift Trikes in action – now I know what I want for Christmas! Enjoy this amazing show!


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