Unbelievable DRAG RACE of a DEADLY Corvette vs Cadillac XLR . ! 3000 HP Are Enough To Launch These Explosive Twin Turbo Monsters Raging Full Of Anger!!!

Are you a hot-headed addict of fast driving with high adrenaline level? Do you feed of powerful cars heavily modified and tuned to overcome unimaginable and impossible speeds? Well, here is your daily dose. 🙂

Just a few days ago, Urbanhillbilly released on their YouTube channel an impressive drag race of two lunatic cars – a Cadillac XLR Twin-Turbo with engine power of 3,000 hp powered by Moran and a Proline powered Chevrolet Corvette Twin-Turbo with engine power of 3,000 hp also. So their powers are equaled, but only one can be declared the winner. In my opinion, the criteria that will give advantage to one car over the other is the lunacy of the driving. So the key question is how crazy are the drivers to push their vehicles to the utmost limit. Instead of the usual quarter mile, this race was a 1/8 mile, but the final results are still outstanding.



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