UNLEASH THE BEAST! Check Out This Paddled Diesel Dodge With 1,000 HP!!!

The auto parts company Engineered Diesel based in Allendale, Michigan had this diesel Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck with paddle tires on the rear wheels, and capable to produce 1000 horsepower at the wheels, running at the 2014 Horseshit Nationals. This is the most popular non event that is held every year in Robinson Township. Every autumn in this township takes place the grass drags also known as Horseshit Nationals. Here you can find fast trucks, dirt bikes, quads and even snowmobiles racing down a 1/4 mile long grass drag track created on a horse pasture. The name comes from the horse manure that the participants are throwing up as they race. Having this clever name, the event sure sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

The Dodge truck you see on the video below is so monstrous that it produced some heavy black smoke and launched itself with terrifying roar leaving nothing but a lot of dirt behind. So, if you ever need someone to plow the field in your ranch, get this truck for badass farmers do the job. YEEHAW!!!


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