Chevrolet Faces the 2014 Camaro Z/28 with Mustang Boss 302

We all know that the new Camaro Z/28 is an exceedingly powerful car. However, in order to show customers this in practice, Chevrolet faced this vehicle with the Mustang Boss 302. This raised some questions on why Chevrolet went with the Mustang Boss instead with the highly acknowledged Shelby GT500. Chevrolet is determined. To this company, the Boss 302 is definitely the fastest Mustang on the track.
2014 Camaro Zl1

The test was executed at GM’s high-security MRC road course placed in Milford, Michigan. As expected, the Camaro beat the Boss 302 in probably every aspect. Of course, mind the fact that this testing was surveilled by Chevrolet and this company wants its model car to be more powerful one.

Yet, this does not undermine the Camaro Z/28 strong features. It is nimble, lightweight, and incredibly powerful. Moreover, it finished the Nurburgring in 7:37.40 – which proves it extremely fast.


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