Video: 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 laps Nurburgring in 7:37!

The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 lapped the famous Nürburgring in just 7 minutes and 37.47 seconds. Though it might not impress you, we wrote it with an enthusiastic tone because after all this is a Camaro Z/28, a rear-wheel drive car with a poor six-speed manual gearbox. With this the Camaro outperformed the Audi R8 V10, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, and Porsche 911 Carrera S (991).

2014 Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro Z/28 is running with a V8 7.0-liter LS7 engine delivering 500 bhp (373 kW) and 470 lb-ft (637 Nm) of torque. It has 300 lbs (136 kg) less than the ZL1 and is equipped with Brembo carbon ceramic brakes.

Moreover, a track-tuned suspension, a limited-slip differential, adjustable spool-valve dampers and stiffer springs are further parts of this machine.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro

There are no exact pricing details, but Chevrolet believes that the Camaro`s starting price will be somewhere around 56,000 USD.


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