Video: A New 1/4-Mile Record Set by Nissan GT-R (8.61 @ 170)!

A 2013 Nissan GT-R back in 2012 could run 1/4-mile in 10.87 seconds producing 542 horsepower. Now, the GT-R tuning team took care of making this thing running even faster.

AMS`s GT-R Alpha Omega last year could with amazing 1,600 horsepower could bump 1/4-mile in 8.63 seconds, whereas after only a year, the 1,300-pony GT-R outrun established a new record of a quarter mile run in 8.61 seconds at 170 mph speed.

There is an AMS Alpha 12 turbo kit, a Switzer Syvecs SGTR ECU package, Mickey Thompson drag radials, and a ShepTrans driveline.

Check out the video and make your eyes believe this awesomeness!


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    1. Mac

      That’s a pretty fast car there John. It would be great if we see a race between these two cars.

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