Video: Hot Wheels Releases Unbelievable Racetrack for Dads to Play with

Hot Wheels is every kid`s dream company. It is a toy company producing die-cast cars for children. However, Hot Wheels’ latest publicity stunt shows a bit of misunderstanding of the term “children.” Instead of targeting kids as main users, is this company got lost somewhere in the process of making, so the racetrack ended up being played by daddies?

Hot Wheels’ latest publicity stunt features a number of daddies combating against each other. A myriad of kids got invited to a casting call for nothing.

Hot Wheels logo

If we dig deeper in Hot Wheel`s message, we can find some reasonable justification for such a filming. Can it be reviving childhood? After all, adults are still kids at heart. Considering this, the video gets much brightier.

The major goal was them to complete the unfinished racetrack before crossing the finish line. One dad succeeded, whereas we guess the others were too slow.

Yet, we must admit this is one of the craziest produced kid`s game ever.



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