Video: Top Gear Testing a Mustang Shelby GT500!

The idea of a 2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang transforming into a Super Snake was initialized back in 2008. All the interested Shelby GT500 owners could take thir vehicle to Carroll Shelby’s Special Performance Plant in Las Vegas adding only $27,995. The Super Snake resembles a 1968 GT500KR, a vehicle crafted by Caroll Shelby for Goodyear Tires.

Top Gear

There is a 605 hp 5.4LEaton roots type supercharged version with warranty. There is a possibility of adding a Kenne Bell twin-screw supercharged version with above 725 horsepower running a 0-60 time in no more than 4 seconds.

The amazing transformation of a classic Mustang into a legendary track racer entitled as GT-350 was performed by the grand Carroll Shelby. The car features “Hi-Po” 289, heavy duty rear drum brakes and front disc brakes, and 4-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, the rear seats were omitted and the hoods shortened.

Mustang shelby GT500

Mustangs packages were adjusted for to road and street racing, and drag cars at Shelby’s plant at Los Angeles International Airport.

Mustang shelby GT500

Check out the Top Gear video and see the Mustang-Shelby history in details.


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