Video: Two LaFerraris Conquering The Fiorano Racetrack!

Recently, a YouTube user registered as Marchettino uploaded a fantastic video! He managed to capture to Ferrari LaFerrari supercars encircling the Fiorano racetrack. This video features the two high-profile cars doing smashing accelerations and aggressive downshifts.

2014-Ferrari-LaFerrari (16)

Marchettino noticed the semi-camouflaged LaFerrari making different sound most probably due to an upgraded exhaust system. Maybe this is how the LaFerrari will be upgraded.

As a reminder, there is a 6.3-liter, V-12 engine featuring two electric motors — one powering the driven wheels, whereas the second moves the ancillaries. A total of 963 horsepower is delivered, and a top speed of of more than 217 mph.


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