Do you want to go for an alluring ride on the mountain road? If you answer is yes, then these are the right vehicles to do so.

In this truly amazing video you will witness masterful driving across various surfaces which cannot avert the vehicles from their next destination.

The most epic moment is at 2:17 where all that vulgar display of power is being perpetuated with a lion’s roar.


7 thoughts on “VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER! – RC 6×6 – OUTDOOR ADVENTURES not for the Faint Hearted!

  1. stacy showalter

    turn your tires around they float better like a tractor

  2. jerry murray

    This toy video has given me inspiration to take my k5 ina totally different direction. I have been making plans to make my truck a full convertible k5 with 24″wheels and air ride. Until now, now want to take the k5 to back woods and see what its made of or better yet what I have made out of it Yeah.

  3. Mike

    Vid was very cool I now have to buy my seven year old an RC car now lol

    1. admin

      Why not? He will appreciate that :))

  4. adam gahm

    now i kinda wish i could the superhero mr.atom ,, this would be a fun course to drive . 🙂 too cool

  5. Kenny Justice

    Why is the tread backwards on the directional tires?

  6. A. Hutchings

    Thanks for sharing. this was fun to create and the entire process took about 12 hours to put together. the tires on the blazer are backwards to get people talking! …and it works… when you 6 inches tall and under 10lbs, tire direction plays very little when it comes to traction

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