Wanna See Some R34 GTR V-Spec N1 Rally Action? Hard Core Driving by Tim Hendy & Joanne Sibley in Tasmania!

Probably some of you know well that one of the things that Americans and Ozzies have in common is the passion for powerful and fast cars and the great race events that are being held down there. One such competition is Targa Tasmania event, on which some of the best Australian drivers are there to show off their ultimate driving skills and set the audience on fire.

The following video that you are about to see in a few moments is coming from last year’s competition (unfortunately is started with a fatal accident of the NSW driver and his navigator), which was fulfilled with some real hard core action. And we have chosen a video with Tim Hendy and Joanne Sibley, and their great Nissan Skyline R34 V-Spec N1, as they are blasting it throughout the group stage, including the victory at the Queenstown stage.

If you are In for a good GTR rally action, than I think that you are going to enjoy the next three minutes.


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