OUR PRESENT FOR BMW FANS: Wash Your Eyes With This MIND-BLOWING BMW Drift Compilation!!!

Rear wheel drive is essential for drifting, and which car has that together with amazing and powerful engine out of the factory? Yes, you guessed it. The BMW cars are rear wheel drive and they have the powerful engine needed for drifting. Like these ones on the video, BMWs making the perfect drifts on open roads or in the woods, it doesn’t matter as long as there is a drift.

Although night drifting is far more interesting, because the cops are easy to see when they are approaching and you have time to get out of there. If you are on a drift track, no problem for you, but most of the drifts on the video are in the city, so they were careful. It is very dangerous to drift in the city roads because not only you will damage your car, in worst case scenario you will damage other parked or moving cars which brings you immediately into big trouble. We all like rear wheel drive cars, and most of them are BMWs, which are great for drifting, they have great handling and great engines inside. Beware of potential dangers, keep on drifting and improving, we need lots of it.


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