WATCH THE DONUTS at 2:55 – Monster Truck Freestyles…YOU HAVEN’T SEE THIS TILL NOW!

It’s time to wake up the wild animal in you. Each one of us enjoy seeing a display of high power and Herculean strength. Especially impressive are monster trucks ferociously expressing the purpose of their existence. This is why events that feature freestyle activities for monster trucks are organized in many places. One of these events is the auto show 4 Wheel Jamboree.

The 4-Wheel Jamboree is a family event organized and aimed toward every truck enthusiast. This event is held at various places from Missouri, to Bloomsburg, Philadelphia, to Lima, Ohio, and finishing in Indianapolis, Indiana. An event like this draws the attention of many truck lovers from across the U.S. and Canada. The footage that we present was filmed in Indianapolis.

On this video you will witness extreme power by monster trucks jumping over old cars without a bit mercy. Yup, they sure are machines sent from hell.

The sound of the engines in these trucks resembles a lot like a real roar of a wild beast. Well, after all, they are not called monster trucks for nothing. 🙂 Enjoy the show!


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