Watch The Ultimate Low Rider Making A Mistake With a High Price!

There is a special place for lowered cars without air suspension in today’s car subculture. The owners of these cars are THE hotshots who do not bother themselves too much with price issues when it comes to putting a high stance on their vehicles. However, these guys usually end up paying the toll when they encounter the first speed bump.

One of these people with attitude decided to fit his Nissan S13 Silvia car with strap-on bumpers.

However, on one sunny day on May 31 in Long Beach, California, during the 2014 Wekfest USA Tour he regrets taking a low ride with his vehicle.

That’s exactly what happened with the arrival of the Nissan S13 Silvia Coupe. The owner bought the car in 2011 from his father’s girlfriend, but apparently not a very good one. The engine was okay, but a few bruises and abrasions have little marred his famously sculpted body.

The event draw attention of many people nearby, but still we won’t comment on the manner that the goal of the owner was achieved. See for yourself. And don’t forget brothers: what we do in life, echoes in eternity!


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