WHAT A FOOL…Got His Precious Nissan GTR-R35 DROWNED in the RIVER!

Who has steered with the Nissan GT-R knows from personal experience one thing for sure -- losing grip is almost impossible. The supercar from Japan is known as an asphalt eater. But there have been searched for limits only so that you can do better with it on the track.

Although it was a great day on ADAC GT Masters at the TT Circuit Assen in Netherlands, things were not so great for this driver. The owner of the GT-R experienced what it means to move much harder than on the track. During a turn that was taken at high speed the car lost traction and ended up in the ditch. Can you still have much grip on all four wheels of your high-tech Nissan. Once you end up with speed in the grass even the GT-R is submitted to Newton’s laws.


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