What Was He Thinking? NEARLY RAMMED into a POLICE CAR On a Full Line!

A driver has been on the verge of crashing into a police car. This incident has taken place in Romania and, this time, the agents of authority committed a recklessness that could have left them with very expensive price.

Normally, the police often enforce traffic rules but, this time, decided it was better to turn in the middle of the road and in a continuous line with no respect to other drivers on the road.

But just then a government car Skoda Superb appeared driving forward in continuous line and was about to impact with the discrete Dacia Logan which the agents drove. The driver of the Skoda, almost caused an accident on the highway Chisinau – Hyncheshty on November 12, and will be punished. According to the National Police Inspectorate, the man faces a fine of up to 500 Romanian lei and three penalty points for crossing the solid line.

What would have happened in case of accident? Who would have been the culprit? It is best that you take a look at the video. I hope something like this never happens to you my friends!


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