WHO WINS? Drag Race for this afternoon! Tuned VW Beetle vs Nissan Skyline R-34!

We all have favorite cars and we all love fast cars. the pair you are about to see in this drag race video is unusual in many aspects, to say the least – a VW Beetle and Nissan Skyline R 34.

Both of these amazing cars are very well known to every car fan anywhere in the world. The Skyline for its legendary speed and racing performances, being one of the most wanted cars amongst all gearheads and the iconic VW Beetle, one of the all-time, everlasting car that is a wet dream for everyone who is into high class and style.

And exactly because of the diverse roll they have in our life, this drag race is so specific and something that you can not see everyday. I will not ask you what do you think the outcome of the race would be or on which one you will put your money, but if you had to make an unpleasant choice between these two as your potential new car, which one would you choose?


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