WHOA BABY!!! AMS Alpha 12 Nissan R35 GT-R Propelled To Set An Incredible Record !!! [email protected]!

Nissan GT-R due to its low cost of supercar standards (about 100,000 dollars) is more often than other cars subjected to adjustments and refinements of different firms. The Chicago based tuning studio AMS Performance pumped the Japanese reptile to 1300 HP, and now at 402 meters, it drives in 9,052 seconds, ie faster than the Bugatti Veyron. The 2012 version of the perfect GT-R was presented by specialists from the little-known Chicago-based company, AMS Performance.

The American studio AMS Performance has always liked to offer more, always more. If a rest we left the Alpha 10 package in the past, this is the pack Alpha 12 (11 was less interesting…). So, what’s the prognosis? Well here you should know that the power has been increased to a whopping 1300 hp without additional technical operations.

The “pumped Godzilla”, as they call the model of the GT-R, developed on the stand 1309 horsepower, a whopping 1,384 Nm of torque fed to all four wheels. Obviously, on the engine was implanted a very powerful turbine, new intercooler which may increase the sheer volume.

Yes, a level of extreme brutality with the GT-R which is even more shameless. Attention: the AMS release is very, very, very heavy. With comparative strength, everyone around the world praised the efficiency of the sporty V6 bi-turbo 3.8 liter 530 hp Nissan GT-R. the Japanese supercar R35 never lets insensitive the preparers.

During the test drive GT-R Alpha 12 was passed the 402 meters (distance for drag racing competitions) for 9,052 seconds, developing a speed of 268 km / h. Just for comparison, Bugatti Veyron, which under the hood has power of 1001 hp, is lagging behind: its time is 9.92 seconds, as evidenced by the video on YouTube, with the price of the French supercar several times higher than this pumped Nissan GT-R by AMS Performance which is around $ 2 million.


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