WILD And COMPLETELY ILLEGAL Night Drifting Warming Up The Cold Streets Of Saint Petersburg!!!

We want you to know this: This drift show is 100% illegal, 100% true and it is happening in Russia, Saint Petersburg! Honestly, we were convinced even on the first watch of the video because we know that many controversial racing events have origins in Russia.

And what about the Russians, they are all crazy dudes! But let’s skip that part, you will judge on your own after you’ve watched the video. What the video features is Subaru Impreza WRX, Honda Prelude RWD, Nissan and few other cars which are enjoying the night rush in Saint Petersburg.

What amazed us the most was the fact that the cars are sliding like they are on ice, literally like they are inside endless drifting loop, it’s just beautiful for watching.

Also what else we noticed is the hierarchy of the group, the Nissan is ruling them, it’s the big boss. The yellow Honda Prelude was trying to get the lead but never actually tried to interfere in the boss’s path.

For this performance to occur with such an excellence it must be practiced from before. Can you just imagine how many times these guys were chased by the police there?


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