WILL Half-Drowned HUMMER H1 be Saved From A Deep Mud Pool? DRIVER STILL INSIDE…!

Man, does this big Hummer H1 gets jammed in a mud hole.  At least, I think this is a Hummer.  Almost half of the yellow vehicle is under mud and water…with the driver still inside! Also you will notice a dirt bike on the back of the Hummer. How sad…or not 🙂

Luckily, nearby the incident there was a turbo diesel Ford F-250 4X4 pickup truck. After deploying a tow strap and several tries to pull out the Hummer,producing a lot of black diesel smoke from the F-250, the Hummer H1 finally emerges from the mud hole.  Although the Hummer looked fine from the outside, the case is completely the opposite as soon as the rescued driver opens the door of his expensive SUV.

Unfortunately for the owner of the Hummer, there is not a truck on this planet that can get all of that moisture and filth out of the yellow brute’s seats, carpeting and electronics. I bet his rich daddy would like to see this when he gets home.


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