With Love from Russia – Compilation of Crazy Situations and TONS OF LAUGHS!

By now, we got used on watching all kinds of crazy ass videos coming from Russia, in which Russian drivers and their original vehicles are getting themselves in all sort of trouble, usually trying to pull on a stunt or create some totally wacky and impossible situation. And that is exactly what we have here, in today’s video that we have prepared for you.

It is a crazy compilation with (mostly) tractors – many of them are post WWII production – and everyday Russians trying to have fun on their own, original way. Of course, there is no lack of Vodka, the main fuel and inspiration behind most of these ‘tractor stunts’. Wheelies, river crossing, girls driving and dancing, donuts, drift-driving, rubber burnouts – it is all here in the next three and a half minutes. So enjoy it and have some fun until the next time.


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