With The NEXT GENERATION of SNOW CHAINS – The Snow Is No Longer A Problem!

We present to you the new generation of tire chains for snow and ice from Mita!

The people from the Mita company have thought of a new generation of snow chains, which, in our opinion, is the most efficient system available on the market now. It’s adjustable length chains which are attached directly to the tread of the tire, being kept tight only by the tire pressure itself. These chains can be used by one single wheel, or by two, if the tires are flat. Works best on ice and reduces skidding and aquaplaning, increasing grip and braking.

They are also effective on snow, but ice adhesion is their main advantage. You can travel at speeds once you have mounted the Mita chains on your wheels, you can go on asphalt or on a dry surface. The problem is that once installed, the tire tread in contact with the asphalt decreases. So on dry pavement, braking will be a problem. So, the Mita chains are an excellent solution, but only on ice and snow covered roads. They must be removed when the roads are clean if we want the best possible braking.


13 thoughts on “With The NEXT GENERATION of SNOW CHAINS – The Snow Is No Longer A Problem!

  1. Mike


    I’m interesting for this product.
    I would like in a futur sale and repare american car.
    This product interesting me because the american SUV are so difficult to control on snow.
    Please, give me the name of this product.

    Best regards,

  2. Steven Watters

    Would like to get this for my work van. My boss might go for it for everyone just need to know all details and cost of them n do we get a discount if we buy a lot thank you my email is [email protected]

  3. I’m interested. More info & detail please.

  4. bob

    Did any of you morons click the link to their website for more information?

    1. admin

      Bob, no need to argue and insult other readers…take it easy man :)!

  5. Jason Demers

    Where’s the snow to show off there SNOW chains someone didn’t think that one through

  6. Jason Demers

    I live in the rockies in canada I wouldn’t buy this false advertising there no SNOW in the ad

  7. Robert Jones

    I would Buy That shit for my truck. its toooooo much shit to do to get them on and off……. plus there was no snow in the video…….. aint no need for buying this bull shit for my truck… ATTENTION PEOPLE… if you dont wanna be a VILLAGE IDIOT…. then do what i dod. go buy you some mattracks and you can roll in snow,mud,sand,etc with out the bull shit…….. think i’m lying check this out.. http://www.youtube.com/user/MattracksTV …… Dont be a dumbass and buy metal tire wrap bullshit……

  8. Victor Dubois

    Poor video… summer and dry road, come to winnipeg February and re-shoot lol

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I would also love to see a demonstration in the snow. Hope the company that produces these snow chains will make one Victor.

  9. steve

    no snow simple fail

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      We need to see a demonstration in the snow.

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