Witness The Incredible Power Of The Dodge Challenger!!! SLOW MOTION WHEELIE !!!

Now this is what I call true automotive art. Here we have a mesmerizing video of 1974 Dodge Challenger doing a wheelie at Santa Pod Raceway back in 2010 Euro Finals. The master behind this amazing slow motion video is Blackett Photography. With 5000 frames per second you can actually see as air pushes the tires. Amazing sight!

This 1974 Dodge Challenger has a 572ci Wedge engine under the hood. The muscle car is capable of running 9’s at full weight (which is over 3850 pounds. To make the caltracks work they needed a lot of front end lift, while the bump stops were removed and the frames were notched to get almost 6.5” of travel. The bump steer was improved by replacing parts and resetting the camber / castor resulting in the front of the car to have aftermarket parts and a lot of adjustments made.

More than enough to make a person feeling jealous for not having such a car! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Witness The Incredible Power Of The Dodge Challenger!!! SLOW MOTION WHEELIE !!!

  1. Dave Napier

    Car has changed a bit since then. It’s now a couple of inches lower and we have 655ci motor making well over 1000hp to go in for 2015 season. Hoping for street legal naturally aspirated 8’s 😎

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Hello Mr. Napier.

      It’s an honor for the driver himself of this gorgeous Challenger to comment on our article 🙂 I wish you a lot of success in the future. Thanks for the valuable information. Best regards! 🙂

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