WITNESS The TRACTOR POWER!!! These Ain’t Made Just For The Farm, But For Some Serious Drifting, Burnouts And Crazy Stunts!!!

The Russians are already quite well known for their ability to create something out of nothing, and are appreciated for creativity which is rare practiced. They have very clever ideas that apply to any field and surprise with their vivacity. So, what were they thinking with this idea? They improvised these farm vehicles and what’s more fun than just compete in tractors with your friends through muddy fields!

They built these tractors improvised from pieces and parts from other vehicles, took wheels from other tractors which could not be used, powerful engines from trucks or other vehicles of all kinds that could not be used from which were removed parts and have them mounted on the wonderful tractors that have a unique look!

Their work paid off and it was real fun! They are quite strong, giving the ability to be driven off-road, on rough terrain and dirt. The participants were given notes and were impressed by the wheeled rides. Their usefulness is questionable, but fun is guaranteed!


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