Witnessing Raw And Outstanding Power! Here Comes THe Challenger MT87C Tractor On The Road!!!

Crawler tractors are in demand in many fields of industry, construction, agriculture, logging and other applications requiring a powerful and productive technique. Crawler tractors of the Challenger Series are excellent representatives of their class, they perform the most difficult tasks to cope with the harsh conditions of work and have a high endurance.

Factories, which produce components for equipment manufactured under the brand Challenger, including crawler tractors, are located worldwide; they are owned by AGCO, and ensure the production of quality and durable parts.

Tractors of similar structures have been developed and manufactured for more than 20 years, which allowed this company to achieve high results.

For the latest model in this series MT875C, is used engine of the model Cat C18 ACERT, with power reaching 609 hp. To increase its level is used a turbocharger which supplies clean air to the combustion chamber.

Particular attention in the development of the engine is paid to its environmental performance, the level of harmful emissions during operation is minimal and completely fits into the world standards. I must say that this is achieved without compromising the capacity of the motor, which is especially valuable.

Watch one of these powerful giants driving on the road on the next video:


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