WOMAN IS THE OWNER !!!!! – FULL HD – Dodge Challenger SRT8 FLYING ON 32″ RIMS!

WOMAN IS THE OWNER !!!!! -- FULL HD -- Dodge Challenger SRT8 FLYING ON 32″ RIMS!

This car should be banned from driving on the streets…This combinations of rims and amazing blue paint is just lethal! And woman driving it…OMG!


31 thoughts on “WOMAN IS THE OWNER !!!!! – FULL HD – Dodge Challenger SRT8 FLYING ON 32″ RIMS!

  1. jimbob

    nasty! all of it the music the car the wheels all nasty! i dont understand this style at all it destroys the performance none of the modifications make any sense nor do they have any application other than to say look at me i waste my money on things that make my car look and handle worse but they sure are shiney like my fake plastic rainbow leather o yea! that interior looks like a box of fruit loops spilled.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Agreed…but many don’t! But no worries 🙂

    2. unknownme

      I sooooo agree. The car is hideous and a plan waste of money. All of that money wasted to get the wrong attention and try to act like they’re cool. People really have shitty priorities.

    3. josh torres

      Well don’t yall have better words too waste your breathe on?? Lol just kidding. Yall took the words out of my mouth. I just don’t understand. But when tax payers pay taxes and obama gives them money. I guess when you don’t work for it…. you don’t realize what a dollar is really worth.

      1. robert

        What does Obama have to do with these rims?? That’s a stupid comment. This is not about a Russian/Canyon Man in the white house this is about some ugly rims.

        1. Mac

          Josh was trying to say that people who haven’t earned and don’t appreciate their money spend it foolishly.

          1. mary

            seriously how do you know they dont work and earm their money honestly why because there black. some of the stuff you people say jeez you guys really need to get it together

  2. doyle bailey

    why dont they just put John Deer tractor tires on them? STUPID !

  3. Anonymous

    Seriously…SMH… Poor car. That thing needs to be headed down the drag strip and hitting apexes. Not trashed by crappy taste. Go buy a Honda to do that.

  4. Bryan_E

    JUNK!!!!! Pure junk.

  5. man with no name

    rip dodge

  6. The_Car_Guy

    I don’t understand why people think that 26″ Rims on a car that give you three inches of clearance to turn makes it look cool, it just looks trashy. The amount of $$$ people spend on making there car look it came from a three year old. The exterior paint job in my opinion looks kinda cool but the over modification on the interior and the rims just make it look like crap.

  7. Stovebolt Six

    Someone shoot that poor car and put it out of its misery. Rims that big, tasteless and gaudy ruin any car they are put on. Ugly, ugly, double ugly-ugly.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      True muscle car lovers share your opinion, Stovebolt!

  8. VeeDub101a

    This has to be most ugliest vehicle that I have ever seen in my life. This broad took an SRT, not a regular Challenger but an SRT model and just fucked it up completely. I wonder how many guys she had to … to get some of that work done because I know damn well that she didn’t have that much money to get that there done. She could have put that so called money she might have had to better use than fucking up an SRT…..

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Definitely…looks like it!

    2. robert

      Yet another stupid comment! Look this is about a car being messed up not about how many guys she had fun with? You don’t know what she has in her pocket. Get smart in learn how to make a comment on the topic not the person!

      1. Mac

        Thanks for your comment Robert, but please don’t insult our readers. We are all here for the fun called cars 😉

  9. Ray C

    Evidence than one should never go full retard

  10. Mark AN

    Really, I got nothing for that car……

  11. darrell

    Its a car show fellas just a truck, bike ole school monster rides boats i can go some more

    1. Mac

      Yes go some more Darrell 🙂

  12. Noe Zamora

    You stupid bitch messed a nice looking car. The way you fixed it is got to be the ugliest car now.

    1. Mac

      She sure did Noe. Now she should be banned from owning a car 😀 lol

  13. danielle

    That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Get real she waisted all her money, thinking about the way that thing looks and not giving a damn how it rides… Just looking for attention. Ignorance

    1. Mac

      A completely pointless case. People like her should never drive a car.

  14. ga

    I think it is owned by a people that like to take something that looks totally stupid and call it cool,,,,And this looks totally stupid ,,,,and that is not music in the back ground,,,,,It is Jungle Jive.

    1. Mac

      You said it friend. A complete mess!

  15. Shane

    Andre Agassi said it best, Image is everything! And that image is ugly!

    1. Mac

      We could all learn from this bad example Shane.

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