POWERFUL SLAVE! Wonder What PULLING 18 TONS With A Seriously Tough KIROVETS K700 Looks Like?

Once again we have the K700 showing its unrivaled power in the 2013 Banzkow Track. The first challenge features a 14 tones pull done by Thilo.

As you can see, he goes simply with ease to the end of the muddy road which ends being about < > meters. His mistake which ultimately stopped him from pulling was the fact that he didn’t dodge the gaps of mud on the track by swerving left and right which ended his challenge sooner than anticipated. Jonas, the next contestant, unfortunately did even worse. Andy on the other hand, is the third and last contestant and he seems to have mastered the art of driving in mud because through technical swerving he managed to avoid where unsuccessful but he was ultimately stopped too from this relentless road. In the 16 tones challenge the first contestant used an older model of Fendt and he managed to pull until the end of the track, winning the audiences’ cheers.

The 18-ton challenge was right after and the K700 driven by Jonas was going through the mud at a surprisingly fast speed, again mostly thanks to his ability to swerve through the mud and find the right gaps to pass until the end, ultimately outperforming the other challengers.

And last but not least was Andy’s run who unfortunately stopped halfway down the road. Once again we see how powerful the old K700 really is, but only when it is driven by the right driver.


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