WOW! – The Real Hulk Amongst All Tractors – HUGE MONSTER Lurking Here!

Every world on its own has its Hulk, and in the world of tractors, the role of biggest, meanest and the most powerful specimen with ‘supernatural’ strength, is taken by the following monster that you are about to see in the video bellow. It is called Big Bud and it is officially the biggest farm tractor on the entire planet (and above). It is 27 feet long, 20 feet width and 14 feet tall. How about that?!

I’m sure that after you saw the intro photo and reed the abovementioned numbers about its dimensions, you are starting to get the image in your mind about what kind of a monster you are about to see in the following video. But that is not all of it. Big Bud tractor weighs about 50 tons and it powered by an engine that can develop 900 HP.

As you can probably guess, this monster tractor is not part of the massive production lineup, but the one and only example, designed and constructed in 1977 for one specific farm in the United States that was producing cotton.

But enough words on Big Bud. You better take a look at the video and do not forget to close your mouth.


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