WOW! What is This – Rubber Burnouts or a Volcano? 800+ HP 6.7 Cummins!

Now this is what you call some serious rubber burnouts! This awesome 2014, 6.7 Laramie Cummins that produces over 800 HP is the real monster of the road and the biggest nightmare for every tarmac track out there in the world. Once it decides puts its serious face and will power to do it, there is no escape for anyone or anything.

As you will see it for yourself, this great looking, black Laramie Cummins pickup truck is a pure example of raw diesel power and the burnouts this guy is making, it almost seems like a real volcano has erupted.

If by any chance turns out that you are an environmentalist, than the following two minutes will make you cry. On the other hand, it is a pure joy and satisfaction for all those who love the smell of burned rubber and clouds of smoke. Check it out!


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