Z06 Corvette VS Toyota Supra Doing A Crazy Snow Drift Battle, ONLY IN RUSSIA! Extreme Talent In Extreme Cars In Extreme Conditions Is EXTREMELY COOL!

When the American Z06 Corvette meets the Toyota Supra and it is not in the home field, they have been taken in Russia, in the mountains to measure their strength. What could come out of this race at the end? Well it is the Russian style drift, and we can only guess which car is going to win the run. If you ask most of the gearheads, they are going to tell you that they would keep both cars in the garage, and that is where they belong. But not these two drivers, they have no mercy for them and they are going all in, with their body and with their cars too.

It is not cheap to race the Chevy Corvette Z06, and it is not cheap to take it to Russia too. And for the Toyota Supra, this iconic car has been going around the world as one of the most customized cars. Well the time has come for the ultimate drift battle and this might be it. These two beasts should be driven on the warm American asphalt, with the perfect conditions for the race. But it is hard to find such conditions in Russia, especially in this mountain region. That’s why the drivers have to take what is offered and make the best out of it.

We have seen before the Lambo drifting in the snow, also the Audi Quattro was there as well, trying out on the ice. This Z06 Corvette has probably performed better than these two and it should perform better than the Toyota Supra as well. After all the Corvette has seen much more snow than the Supra.

It is good that the drivers are well familiar with the race track because without previous knowledge about it could be too dangerous to race and drift on it.


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