LET HER SHINE LIKE NEW – Tips for Cleaning Your Corvette!

Removing tree sap and pitch

washing tips 3Tree sap or pine pitch usually makes an ugly scene on the car’s surface. So the best way to get rid of these unpleasant marks is by using a cotton ball soaked with a simple finger nail polisher. Afterward make a mixture from a baking soda and paste of water and clean up the affected area and finally wax it of.

Bu there is also a better, gentler way to do this by using “terry” towel washed in mineral sprits for removal of the tar. After you remove the tar you will wax the “contagious” area...CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE to CONTINUE..


2 thoughts on “LET HER SHINE LIKE NEW – Tips for Cleaning Your Corvette!

  1. Seth Ashford

    I am going to be getting a corvette soon, and I want to make sure it will always look nice. I will definitely make sure to follow these tips so that I can have the nicest looking car in town all the time. Do you happen to also have a list of businesses that specialize in servicing corvettes? I really want to take care of my new baby. http://www.vetteconnect.com

    1. Mac

      I’m glad you find our article useful Seth. Congratulations on your new car. Unfortunately we don’t have a list of servicing businesses for Corvettes. Good luck with finding ones. 🙂

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