12 Reliable Vehicles Which Can Get You 200,000 Miles Without Any Major Problems!

Since the fact that Americans are a nation which drives a lot, in average 13,476 miles per citizen, arises the need to be more careful which vehicle we are going to pick. One thing we should consider is the longevity of the engine range without any major problems and that means at least 200,000 miles without any difficulties!

The famous website iSeeCars on which are hosted over 30 million cars from 1981 to 2010 recently comes with aggregated sum of all the vehicles there, looking in their odometer numbers to see which models are the most reliable and surpass the 200K! Only one car succeeded to appear on the list, Honda Accord and all the other vehicles are SUVs and trucks.

  1. Honda Accord

It is not by accident why this car was sold over the years in huge numbers and the accent was always put on the reliability! Very often you will find Honda Accord with few hundred thousand miles on the odometer.

Honda Accord front three quarters

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