1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe ‘ARCH ANGEL’ Featured On The TV Show Mobsteel Is Now At SEMA Motor Show 2015!!! HURRY UP AND SEE IT!!!

This special edition of the Lincoln Continental labeled ARCH ANGEL is just perfect. They placed the classic original rims with the spokes, and they look gorgeous on the car. When you look at them they look like they are spinning in the stop position.

This Lincoln model has been used in the past to transport very important persons in the politics, and that was because this car has class and it is very comfortable to ride in it. This team managed to rebuild the car and restore all the parts and mount them again on it.

It still has the original 462 BB Drivetrain full rebuilt and ready to go. The exhaust has been slightly modified and now has the loudmouth exhaust system to enhance the driving.

The 20 inch wheels are special edition made by Detroit Steel Wheel and they have the whitewall, which means there is white stripe on them giving the old-timer’s look.

The best thing about this Lincoln is that now it has the air ride suspension system that will make driving in it very pleasant and you will not feel the road in it.

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