1966 Plymouth Barracuda BEAUTIFULLY REVIEWED: A Gentleman’s GT Car That Looks Best FROM THE REAR!!!

Before becoming a muscle car, the Cuda, or the 1966 Plymouth Barracuda named properly was the gentleman’s car that has been known to transport some of the most important persons on the planet. It was years and years after the mechanics have started to make a muscle out of this car and trying to race it on the drag strip. That’s why we have a clean presentation of the car as we know it, without any race flags on it or without the usual twin turbo setup that can be found on today’s muscle cars intended for the quarter mile drag races.

The 1966 Plymouth Barracuda back in the 60s was the long distance comfortable cruiser for the male population that liked the long trips and the enjoyable rides with economic car. Pre-dating the Ford Mustang for about two weeks and not making the large appear as the company wanted, they were left hanging without too many sales on the model. As the Ford Company has spent a lot of money for promoting their new product, the awesome and liked by everyone the Ford Mustang, the Barracuda was the steady low seller that was promising high sales in the future. Rocking the 273 cubic inch engine with 4.5 liters mark on its side. It was the family car that was reliable and easy to drive, with the better suspension on it ensuring gentle ride for the big people.

Also having the large trunk at the back, the 1966 Plymouth Barracuda was destined to be a family car nothing else, until the later models appeared in the 1970s made to be the muscle cars ready to be raced out of the factory. Even though the engine is not too small, with the automatic transmission it was not intended to race at all, showing slightly lower performance than the Mustang itself.


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