1972 Lamborghini Miura SVJ Bertone V12 Driven By Famous Test Driver Valentino Balboni! Listen To Its Loud Exhaust Sound!!!

In 1965, at the Turin Motor Show the company Lamborghini had introduced several new products, but the greatest interest was the chassis of the mid-engined car with transversely-mounted 4-liter V-shaped 12-cylinder engine. The frame was welded from sheet steel and perforated in many places, to facilitate the construction. This was the result of joint work of several artists on the concept of a sports car with the engine in the base. It was immediately received orders for 10 samples of the still unreleased car with an unknown body. There were several models of the future car, but preference was given to an embodiment of Bertone, who later became the Lamborghini Miura P400.

The brilliant debut of the production car was held at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The appearance of this model, named in honor of the Miura breed of fighting bulls, produced a bombshell at the salon. It immediately became a sensation. At that time no one knew about the existence of a mid-engined car. With its design and performance, Miura was many years ahead of all existing cars.

Releasing only 140 machines of the version Miura S, at the Geneva Salon 1971 Lamborghini unveiled its assistant Miura SV (Sport Veloce). Under the hood was located an improved V12 with 3929 cm3.

This modification has become the fastest Lamborghini at the time, but its release, as well as all the Miura, was discontinued in 1972, for the release of the successor model Countach.


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