I LOVE LEGOS! 2016 Porsche 911 RSR With 50% Constructed COMPLETELY OUT OF LEGO At 2015 Miami Motor Show!!!

Among the very interesting models for the upcoming 2016, we had a nice surprise from Porsche. They wanted to show us that the construction of the Porsche can be made out of Legos, and they made it and showed it to us.

Now this 2016 Porsche 911 RSR is 50% made from Legos, leaving the other half of the car made from the common materials.

Maybe it doesn’t look too cool made from legos, but it is nice to see that it can be done, and it is quite similar to the original look. Legos can be used for building almost anything, not fully functional of course, but showing that it can be done is a good way to train your creativity and imagination. The colors of the Legos and the metal on the body match, but because the Legos are bricks the colors look a little bit distorted from some angles, and from other angle they look perfect.

It would be nice if they made the rims and the tires out of Legos too, but it is what it is and we salute the effort put to build something like this.


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