3 Modern Car Safety Systems To Make Travel Safer

The rising number of vehicles traversing the street has made traveling easier and transportation more accessible. The sad thing is that there is also a rise in the number of road accidents. According to the World Health Organization, 1.35 million die in road traffic accidents each year. Some of which can lead to lifetime disabilities. 

By practicing the basic roadside precautions, you can reduce the risk as both driver and pedestrian. Also, modern car technology has introduced safety features to avoid car crashes.

The blind-spot monitoring system

With the use of a digital camera or radar sensor technology, this safety system can detect vehicles about 3 meters on the side or at the back of your car. Once the system identifies an approaching vehicle, it will send a visual warning or audible alert to the driver. This is especially helpful for multi-lane roads, crossroads, lane changes, and when backing up. 

Adaptive cruise control

The adaptive cruise control uses lasers, radar, and cameras to keep a safe distance between your car and the car ahead of you. With the help of sensors, the system will bring the car to a complete stop when traffic approaches. Similar car safety features can make driving safer. This was revealed in a survey made by Consumer Reports wherein 71% of drivers ages 35 and below believed that the addition of at least one of these safety features helped prevent them from getting into road accidents. However, should you face an inevitable situation, an expert auto accident lawyer can assist you with the help you need to settle your case. With a skilled attorney, they can help you deal with insurance companies and build a strong legal strategy. 

Night vision feature

With the use of forward-facing cameras, this system watches for pedestrians, animals, or vehicles that are not easily seen in the dark by the naked eye. Through the car’s infotainment screen, the image of an obstacle is reflected and easily detected by drivers. The driver may also receive a visual or an audible alert system to serve as a warning sign.

Modern technology has brought many changes in our lives, and the automobile industry also benefited from it. Car safety features have been introduced and constantly improved through the years. These safety systems will ensure car drivers and passengers for a safer and worry-free trip.


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