5 Popular Features Your Next Car Must Have

The automotive industry is currently experiencing rapid technological advancements. As a result, features that were once only found on high-end cars have, nowadays, become standard features. And, if you’re looking for a new car, it’s best to buy a vehicle integrated with these features to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

With that said, knowing the must-have features to look for in your potential car is a huge challenge, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. Luckily, this guide got you covered as it’ll be rounding up the top features to look for in the car you’re planning to buy next.


  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

This is a must-have feature you should look for in any car you’re buying today as it makes driving convenient and safer. For this reason, most cars today, such as the Kia Seltos, have incorporated this feature. The adaptive cruise control feature uses radar technology, and it’s handy during long trips as it allows you to set the desired speed that your car should travel at the press of a button. This technology also ensures a safe distance is observed in front of your car at all times by slowing down the speed.

However, adaptive cruise control systems work differently, with some decelerating until your car stops and the systems start working by tapping the gas pedal or pushing the start button. In contrast, other systems slow down your car’s speed up to a particular speed, and, then, instruct you to overtake the vehicle ahead of you.

The more technologically advanced adaptive cruise control systems can even identify traffic and live speed limits, as well as reduce your car’s speed.


  1. Apple CarPlay And Android Auto

These are two technological features that you should ensure are integrated into the car you’re planning to buy. These two phone mirroring systems work together with the car manufacturer infotainment system, allowing navigation, using apps, voice controls, and making calls without tapping your phone. While you’ll need to connect your smartphone to the USB port for these systems to work, some car manufacturers come with wireless CarPlay.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also better than the car’s built-in navigation system as they get the latest maps from Google and Apple, respectively. Android Auto goes a step further as it enables you to use Waze to get notifications of a road hazard or a police officer nearby, and the route that doesn’t have bumper-to-bumper traffic.

  1. 360-Degree Camera System

You always want to have a 360-degree view of everything around you at all times, especially when maneuvering tight spaces and parking your car. This is when 360-degree cameras come in handy as they give you a better picture of other objects relative to your car’s position. These cameras are usually positioned underneath the side mirrors, over the rear license plate, and over the grille. The video will, then, be displayed on your infotainment system.

Thanks to the 360-degree-view cameras, backing and parking your car will be a lot safer because blind spots are eradicated. Therefore, you can safely navigate your new car without hitting a closely parked vehicle or a power line. or bumping into the curb.


  1. Blindspot Monitoring

Changing lanes while driving on multi-lane streets or highways requires you to turn your head above your shoulders to make sure it’s safe to do so. This takes your attention from the road ahead and compromises your safety even though this doesn’t last long. Blindspot monitoring addresses this shortcoming and is a technology especially much-welcomed by older drivers. This technology refers to the additional lights in your vehicle’s side mirrors, which light up if a vehicle gets too close.

Thanks to blindspot monitoring, you can switch lanes with a lot more confidence because of the excellent all-around visibility around your car.


  1. Automatic Emergency Braking

Your safety while on the road should be the topmost concern, and the automatic emergency braking or anti-collision system ensures this is achieved. The automatic emergency braking technology helps your car detect an upcoming obstacle and immediately stops your vehicle without your input. This avoids the looming collision from happening altogether, saving you lots of time and preventing accidents to happen.

Because this technology is yet to be standardized, it’s named differently by the different manufacturers. These different names include forward collision avoidance, autonomous emergency braking, or forward collision mitigation.



Buying a car is a massive and long-term investment. Therefore, you want to get maximum value from your purchase, and the best way to accomplish this is by buying a car integrated with the latest features. This article has highlighted the latest and popular technological features that you should look for in a car, and which can go a long way in improving your car’s comfort and safety.


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