5 Things to Consider While Buying Car Stereo — A Guide!


The car audio and stereo system helps you in experiencing the luxuries of your car to the full extent. A good stereo acts as the brain and heart of the audio system because it helps in the expandability of audio and availability of diverse audio sources. During the car audio installation, if you want to update your stereo to a new one, you should look for the following things:



  • Audio Sources and Formats:


The first thing to consider while getting a new stereo is the formats that are supported by it. Audios are encoded in different formats and these formats decide the quality of audio. The conventional formats include MP3 and AAC, while FLAC, ALAC, and WAV are very high-quality audio formats. So, you should make sure that the stereo you are choosing supports all the formats. 

Along with audio formats, the stereo should also support various audio sources like USB, AUX, SD card, radio, smartphone etc.



  • Satellite and Radio:


It might sound outdated, but radio is still a thing that you can fall back on in different circumstances. So, you better keep that option open. Radio is a source of music, talk shows and quick news. If you are a radio person or have a partner or parents that like listening to it, make sure that your stereo has a radio option available with built-in HD radio decoding for improvement of sound quality. 



  • Smartphone Integration:


The world has become fast today. Plenty of calls are pouring in all the time. To have a safe driving experience, you should make sure that your stereo can integrate with your smartphone. It will make it easier for you to use your cellphone via the head unit of the stereo. You can receive and make phone calls through the screen easily. 



  • Dimensions and Control:


The dimension of the head unit is also very important. You can either choose a single or double DIN head unit. A single DIN head unit is much simpler looking but several features can be packed into it. A double DIN head unit has a touch screen and it contains GPs and DVD playback. You should consider your needs before choosing the dimension. Some people also prefer a detachable Android tablet. They can be used inside the car as audio systems and outside as normal smart tablets. 



  • GPS Navigation:


GPS system makes your explorations less risky by providing much-needed directions no matter where you are. Mot stereos have built-in GPS systems but if they do not have one, no need to spend money on it because smartphone integration can do the trick for you. 



  • Budget:


Before choosing the car stereo system, you should allocate a budget to it and try to stay within that. There are many expensive stereo systems out there, but there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket. Many stereos will do just fine with fulfilling your needs. You don’t have to go above and beyond. It is essential a maintain a balance between what you want and what you can and should get. 



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