5 Things YOU SHOULDN’T DO In Automatic Transmission Cars: Five Bad Automatic Transmission Driving Habits YOU SHOULD QUIT!

Cars with automatic transmission are quite often these days. More and more people tend to buy such cars, because they think that the ride is easier, but is this true? When it comes to automatic transmission cars, they have a lot of problems and they can easily get damaged. Many people who buy vehicles with automatic transmission, usually end up unsatisfied. We can’t blame them, but to avoid these things from happening we advise you to take a look at the video and see the five basic things you shouldn’t do if you have an automatic transmission car.

We are just going to unveil a little of the video, one of the basic things is not to put the transmission in neutral when we are coasting down a hill. This thing happens often because people are trying to save fuel, and save their money. This is wrong and you will see why, after you watch the video. This amazing guy well-known on YouTube by the name of Engineering Explained explains in a quite good way, what happens when we do this often things, and how to prevent it. Watch this educational video that will help you a lot if you have an automatic car or if you are planning on buying one in the near future.


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